My wedding is coming up quickly. Does Shirelle perform last minute weddings?

 Absolutely! Shirelle works with many couples who have only weeks (sometimes only days!) before the wedding and are still looking for an officiant. Shirelle will expertly guide you through the planning process on an accelerated schedule, and things will work out perfectly. Your guests won't know whether you planned out your ceremony a year in advance or just days beforehand. 

Does Shirelle perform non-religious ceremonies?

 Yes. Shirelle will work in accordance with your values and religious preferences. Whether you are both non-religious or have different spiritual backgrounds, Shirelle will respect your wishes and plan accordingly. 

How long are most of your weddings?

 The ultimate length is completely up to you, and Shrielle will work with you during the planning session to find the time length you desire. With that said, the majority of weddings Shirelle performs are 15-25 minutes in length; some are naturally shorter and some are longer. This timeframe is typically your "sweet spot" in terms of length as few guests enjoy sitting for longer period of time. Plus, with strategic wedding planning (Shirelle's expertise), a significant amount can still be accomplished in this time length. 

What if we want to write our own vows?

 Great! If you'd like some guidance in writing them, Shirelle is more than happy to help. Shirelle also makes available to couples a collection of recommended vows many have found invaluable.

I've never done this before. Where do I start?

 Not to worry! The majority of couples with whom Shirelle works with have never planned a wedding before and, frankly, are intimidated by the process. Shirelle is an expert at ceremony planning and will first work with you to learn more about your values, preferred style and specifics you may want incorporated into your ceremony. Once the decision is made to work with Shirelle, she will provide you with an informative worksheet that serves as a great first step. Once it's completed, Shirelle will then resource you with the materials you need (sample vows, readings, etc.) and guide you through the process of planning out your ceremony.